Scraps: “Blade Runner 2049”

  • Feels wholly unnecessary – Blade Runner didnโ€™t need a sequel.
  • The thesis of the movie felt like it was about the fragility of White Male privilege.
  • The philosophical musings were on the nose, and felt shallow – especially when they were delivered by Jared Leto. The movie would probably be better if there was no Jared Leto.
  • The movie would be better if it was not a Blade Runner movie.
  • Please stop killing Robin Wright about halfway through a movie – her character actually presented one of the more interesting plot points in the film.
  • Ryan Gosling felt super uncharismatic.
  • Beautiful movie, if not overly excessive.
  • Evil Replicant lady was very good. The final showdown fight felt really visceral, and great.
  • The sync sex scene was visually interesting.
  • Lol, why are they setting the movie for yet another sequel?

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