Scraps: “Stranger Things – Season 2”

  •  Was very pessimistic at first, but thought that the second season wrapped everything nicely.
  • Episode 7 wasn’t terrible, even though it took us out of the main story. It was nice to see a glimpse of the bigger world. Although, it makes me nervous that they would make a spin off series based on Eight and Eleven.
  • Great to see more Winona, yes.
  • Nancy is really, the worst.
  • The stories of the teenagers still kind of suck. Really don’t care about the back and forth between Jonathan and Nancy. The only redeeming worth of Steve is that he becomes a part of Dustin’s story.
  • Also wait, Steve is actually really cute now?
  • Max’s brother is pointless.
  • Really hoping that they stop, and make no more sequels and or spin offs.
  • Overall it was ok.