Scraps: “Killing of a Sacred Deer”

  •  Liked this more than The Lobster, although I haven’t seen Dogtooth or Alps.
  • Great casting, Nicole Kidman was pretty great. Barry Keoghan was amazing – a great embodiment of volatile, young masculinity with high potential for violence.
  • Again, felt like the movie was kind of talking about the male ego – and violent consequences.
  • The shot following Colin Farrell’s character above his shoulder kind of stuck with me.
  • Also, the scene where Raffey Cassidy sings to Barry Keoghan’s character, while holding cigarette, standing by a tree.
  • The film felt like less of an open ended question than The Lobster (and as told to me by Malcolm, his other films.)
  • Saw this with my sister and she was thoroughly confused.

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