Scraps: Movies Watched, Feb. 2020

Didn’t watch as many films as I wished. Somehow the month went right by. Watched Terminator and The Kitchen on the plane, on my way back from San Francisco. Need to get to that point where I watch a film every week again (whether on Netflix or at home.)

The Lodge

Eh. Kids are mean. The more I think about it, the more middling and grating I feel about it. Cruel and shallow take on mental illness. Everything felt referential to familiar things but it didn’t feel like it was saying anything. Alicia Silverstone and the beginning of the film was great but then, eh.

Jojo Rabbit

Watched his short film 2 Cars 1 Night before I saw this and I am glad. Not terrible, but also not great. It was twee, but I wanted it to go a bit darker or more serious in some way. A lot of reallly sweet moments and the kids were great, wished that we saw more of some of the adults though.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Really wanted this movie to be good. It’s really funny when you see good performances in a film, even though the dialogue is trash. Kept thinking about why this film felt so dissatisfying even after. The big thing is that the action sequences took too much of the film, and was too much cgi. I wish instead of spectacle that they’d opt for more visceral realism, which made T2 so good. The premise of the story was so promising too, oop.

The Kitchen

Very surprised and how great this film was. Melissa Mccarthy and Tiffany Hadish were amazing, such strong performances with a very timely theme. The violence felt very real, and scary – definitely made the stakes for the women in the film feel very high. Never saw The Irishman, but heard the responses from a few friends who I trust. Looking forward to suggest this film for more people to checkout.

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