Scraps: Movies Watched, Mar. 2020

Getting to a place where I am ready to watch films in a steady pace again. Won’t lie, the release of Animal Crossing definitely stole some of my time away, but finally in a mental space where I am ready to watch some more demanding films again, despite the anxiety ridden circumstances that we live in right now.

A Quiet Place

Entertaining but the whole thing leans heavily on the romanticism of nuclear, rural, white American family. Still processing that. Can’t quite get over that that  the reason why we align so closely with the family, with the help of good acting, is how familiar the idea is to the American imagination. I know that’s the point, but that definitely felt a little icky, considering where are in time right now.

All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (p.s. I Still Love You)

Cute, but the first one was cuter. Kind of bummed at the ending, because tbh, the new boy is way more interesting. Weirdly boring, though.

Citizen Kane

Never quite watched this film in entirety, only in bits when I was in film school What a great film, terrifying too. I never really grasped the scale of Orson Welles’ films (saw Touch of Evil, but it didn’t stick with me in the same way.)

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

Pretty long 3 hours. Some nice moments in camera work and cinematography, but wow, why is this movie as long as it is. Strangely, the first half of the film felt like nothing happened at all even though the pacing moved at rapid fire. All the emotional beats are off, with way too much explosions and action sequences. Also, there really was no reason for them to bring back Carrie Fisher for this, no.

Pain and Glory

Really glad that I finally saw  this. Beautiful performances, and just to agree with Malcs – really refreshing and moving to see a director bare himself on the screen. Captures an intense love for cinema and art in ways that I haven’t seen in a while.

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