Movies Watched, Feb. 2021

from Porco Rosso, 1992

This last month felt really difficult. More than often, I feel like I am finally hitting a wall mentally and emotionally. Spent a lot of my time getting back into Star Wars the Old Republic, which I haven’t played in forever – which helps. Didn’t get to watch as many films as I wanted. But finally also caught up with Succession, and that one felt like a punch in the face in the best way.

To more films in March, and hopefully, a few more sunny days.

(1973) Badlands

  • A gutting, romantic dream. Probably one of my favorite Malick’s. One day I’ll watch this again back to back with Lynch’s “Wild at Heart” and Stone’s “Natural Born Killers.”

(2020) I Care a Lot

  • Can’t stop wondering if this would’ve been a much better film if it was directed and written by a female filmmaker. Felt like the machismo that permeates throughout the film squandered the wealth of potential in the premise and the tremendous performances of the cast.

(1984) The Funeral

  • A surprise and a delight. Watched this with Malcolm during one of our anniversary week nights. Poignant, joyful and deeply resonant for me. Did not expect this from Juzo Itami’s first film. (5/5)

(1980) 9 to 5

  • Holds up, with great performances and generally a timeless premise. Always forget that there is a whole scene with the fantasies. Still sad that Squarespace went on to do “5 to 9” (ooph.) (3.5/5)

(1992) Porco Rosso

  • Definitely fell asleep for parts of this film when I first saw it. Glad we decided to watch it again, after the passing of Syuichiro Moriyama. An understated Ghibli film that feels very timely to watch this year. Gentle, melancholic and pragmatic. A beautiful contemplation on one’s agency on history and the inevitable cycle of violence.

(2019) Promare

  • Insanely graphic animation style and over the top story made this anime movie a blast to watch. Really appreciate the increasingly surreal plot, where the characters do not even question what is happening. Reminds me a bit of Persona or Digital Devil Saga, which I really appreciate as well. (4/5)

(2000) Cecil B. Demented

  • Under appreciated piece of iconic cinema that I really wish I had discovered way earlier in my movie-watching journey. Wow. (5/5)


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