Movies Watched, Mar. 2021

from “Rocks”

Ok, my mood was definitely pretty low throughout March. Was mostly unable to really watch movies, or hold my attention to play video games even. Most of my mental and psychic energy went towards work and maintaining day-to-day responsibilities. Also started watching a lot of Search Party, which is wonderful – and yet another great pandemic discovery.

(1995) To Die For

  • An old favorite. Didn’t realize Malcolm haven’t seen this before. We watched it together and definitely appreciate Malcs’ feedback around the ending. Great film in overall, that again, is shorthanded by the ending that feels a little easy. Still hoping that Gus van Sant would make more movies with this tone…

(1996) Muppets Treasure Island

  • One of my favorites of the Muppets films I’ve seen so far.

(2020) Rocks

  • Beautiful, beautiful film. Surprised that this didn’t get more attention when it first came out. Powerful, sincere and difficult. An ideal of contemporary young adult films and what they should be.

(1948) They Live by Night

  • Surprisingly modern and uncynical. A lovely first film from Nicholas Ray which piques my interest for his filmography. Will watch more.

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