Movies Watched, May 2021

from “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar” by Josh Greenbaum

Lots of funny movies for this month that flew right by. The movie theaters are open, and honestly very excited to get back into a habit of seeing films in a completely different environment. Summer is here and usually I would start lining up the horror flicks. Surprisingly, even for myself, I haven’t necessarily been in the mood for anything even remotely creepy.

(2021) Barb and Star Go to Vista del Mar

  • Chaotic, joyous and not at all what I expected. Glad that we watched this. Definitely a rare comedy.

(1997) Romy and Michelle

  • Fell asleep halfway through. What I saw was amazing, can’t believe I never saw this one before. Thanks, Elizabeth! Will make sure to watch this all the way through again soon.

(1937) Easy Living

  • Straightforward, light hearted old-Hollywood comedy. Great dialogue. I haven’t seen that many Preston Sturges written things myself, but this definitely made me want to see more.

(2003) Duplex

  • A stressful, cute film. We’ve been watching a lot of Danny Devito’s films. Didn’t realize that this film lost so much money, but makes complete sense. Definitely a version of my own nightmare to some extent.

(2015) Fort Tilden

  • Cutting and just great. As someone who went to school in New York around the 2000s, this film really captured a terrifying group of people that were always in my periphery. Really strong performances too, and made Search Party make more sense.

(2009) Vengeance

  • Was very disappointed by Mortal Kombat, so with Malcolm’s encouragement, decided to catch up on a Johnie To film. This definitely sets the theme for May for films that go a little bit over the top. The premise is a little kooky, but the plot and the way the film played out made sense in the unique logic that it had set up for itself.

(1989) War of Roses

  • I forget that Danny Devito’s a hilarious director. This film was a terrifying and feverish take on wealth, isolation and the trappings of class aspirations. Fun, scary and bonkers.

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