Movies Watched, June 2021

from Ali dan Ratu Ratu Queens, 2021

The city is opening up, the mood is lifting. Personally very excited about the prospect of going to the cinema for films again. Hope it all holds up.

(2021) Ali dan Ratu Ratu Queens

  • A beautiful film that made me feel seen. Some people would be pushed away by the “cheese” of the film, but this is a terrifically well-written and directed film that grapples with belonging. I really appreciate that ideas around queerness also permeates throughout the film. This was something that I really needed after the last couple of years.

(2021) Army of the Dead

  • Lol. Eh film. It killed all the joy and promise so early and kept the worst parts by the end.

(2021) Raya and the Last Dragon

  • Enjoyable, and a little sad. Understand the criticism about the flattening of Southeast Asian cultures, but overall a surprising film and one of my favorites of the recent Disney princesses. Feels super timely with the message around climate change.

(2021) In the Heights

  • Idk, this one was weird. Definitely was expecting something over the top, but didn’t expect what I ended up seeing on the screen. It was fine, the dialogue and the character dynamics felt weird.

(1955) Ladykillers

  • First film we saw at Film Forum since quarantine. I came in blind, and was pleasantly surprised. What a cooky film. Appreciate the tone and the way they treat death. British comedy is always a little hard for me, but enjoyed this.

(2021) French Exit

  • Glossy and filled with drama, a great Michelle Pfeiffer vehicle. My immediate reaction to the film was more or less positive. Great performances, and again, a surprising tone. The more I thought about it after though, some of the casting decisions in addition to the way the scenes were staged or blocked started to stand out in a bad way. Regardless, Martinis.

(2021) A Quiet Place Part II

  • Didnโ€™t see the first one in theater, so it was nice to experience this on the big screen. The way the film is constructed is definitely made out of the love of the movie theater. Fun, and it was generally thrilling through and through. Wouldโ€™ve been better if they didnโ€™t kill the only Black characters in the film though.


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