Movies watched, August 2021

from “Ailey” (2021)

Late summers in New York always made me feel generally very bad. Very glad that this is going away (for now) soonish. Looking forward to a crispy Fall.

(2021) Fear Street: 1974

  • Better than the first one. Very surprised at the amount of violence being done on little kids on screen. The acting felt stronger, and there just seems to be more at stakes in a consistent way. That weird shallowness that rings hollow is still there.

(2021) Fear Street: 1994

  • Eh. Had really high expectations, but this was kind of a let down. Feels very aligned with the reintroduction of familiar conventions or aesthetics, but without really adding anything too new or surprising to the conversation besides the representation of contemporary identities.

(2021) Luca

  • Beautiful animated film that is much more intimate in its scope than the trailer advertised. Malcolm kind of dresses like human Luca.

(2021) Ailey

  • Didn’t know too much about Alvin Ailey until this doc. A sincere, straightforward documentation of the days of the company as told by many of the original members. Wished I saw the final performance that they were rehearsing throughout the film.

(2020) The Suicide Squad

  • Funny, a blast. Really enjoyed this more than I thought I was going to. Starro was genuinely kind of scary.

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