Movies watched, Sept. 2021

from Thomas Vinterberg’s “Another Round” (2020)

Can’t believe that the year is almost over. Time continues to move in ways that feels slightly foreign prior to COVID-19. Trying to keep the anxiety of not accomplishing enough at bay. So many movies that I am excited about later this year!

(1992) Howard’s End

  • I admit, most of the nuances of class and irony of the film were lost on me. This subtle drama felt vast and is a good reminder that even costume, period films can be less flashy (and have more to say.)

(2021) Cruella

  • Good silly fun. But that situation where you end the film thinking, did we really need this? Nothing can stop the Disney factory though.

(2020) Another Round

  • Amazing, touching film. Vinterberg’s naturalism and realism speaks volumes. Wishing that there are more contemporary films that resonate in this way. Sticks with you (or at least on me) for a while.

(2020) Inside

  • As something to be watched on the plane, this special was a nice summary of some of my feelings and anxieties during early quarantine period. F.D Signifier’s YouTube Video is an important companion piece to this, though.

(2021) Shang Chi

  • Entertaining! Funny! Mostly enjoyable! Not without its own set of criticisms, but honestly, more into this last few sets of Marvel films than ever.

(2021) Mogul Mowgli

  • Mostly great til the very end, another situation where the last 10 or so minutes of the film felt like it was undoing what most of the film had setup. Appreciate seeing stories like this one, as it weirdly still feels mostly rare to find. Appreciate the intensely dreamlike, emotional execution.

(2021) Respect

  • Weirdly paced with uneven performances. As much as I love Jennifer Hudson, I wished the film would utilize more of the wonderful female supporting cast instead of leaning most of the emotional crux on Hudson.

(2017) The Night is Short, Walk on Girl

  • Great, lovely and funny. A delirious film that keeps you watching. I smiled the entire time.

(1939) Ninotchka

  • My introduction to Ernst Lubitsch. This film was bratty and surprisingly said a lot within a generally very tight, intimate comedy.


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