Movies watched, October to December 2021

from “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time” (2021)

What a year. Anxious for what awaits us next. Best of luck, everyone.

(2021) Matrix Resurrections

  • Not great, but also not bad. The action sequences were terribly disappointing, but the premise of the story was actually alright. Carrie Anne Moss carried and Jessica Henwick kept things fresh. While fun, ultimately felt weirdly cheap.

(2020) Food Luck

  • Weird food film that was very informative. Learned a lot about Yakiniku. The movie is definitely paid for by the Japanese beef lobby. Loved the mom.

(2021) Belle

  • Great music but inconsistent story, some great animation moments. Felt more poppy than his other films, especially after the grounded premise of Mirai. Not sure whether I like the Beauty & the Beast tribute here, felt like the movie would be stronger if it detached itself from it. But maybe this is Hosoda’s tribute to Disney films, making his own version of it?

(2008) Sex and the City Movie

  • Holds up, especially in contrast to the mess of the second film and this reboot that’s airing right now.

(2003) Elf

  • Cute, but the second half of the movie just did not make sense. But I guess they tried their best to make a straightforward story arc out of the totally insane premise. It’s funny when I watch older movies, I can’t help but notice that it’s mostly just white people.

(2021) Single All the Way

  • The protagonist is awful, also why is Nick in love with this boring ass indecisive person? Hated being forced to think the protagonist is remotely likable or empathetic. Honestly wished we see more of the rest of the cast. Need more Jennifer Coolidge.

(2021) The Eternals

  • Kunal Nanjiani was the best part. The effects were great, but the pacing and how the plot plays out felt really off. May be more interesting if it went more weird.

(2021) Dune

  • Great worldbuilding. Did not buy Chalamet as Paul, but the film was pretty solid demonstration of the craft of filmmaking at a big scale. Can do with less of the Zendaya visions, but I guess contracts need to be fulfilled. Excited about the sequel.

(2009 – 2021) Evangelion 2.22 – 3.33 and 3.03 + 1.01

  • The climate message of the films felt really urgent. Appreciated watching this during the pandemic. Great revisit of a series that was really formative to me. The fan service can be kind of a lot, though.

(2021) The French Dispatch

  • Probably one of my favorite Wes Anderson films that I’ve seen so far. Felt like a return to form, with a new sense of playfulness.

(2021) Black Widow

  • Cute, kind of long. As someone who didn’t really cared for the character, this passed the time in a way that didn’t feel annoying. Love everyone else who is not Scarlett Johanson in this movie.

(2021) No Time to Die

  • A moody Bond film. The set design was lovely. The early bit that felt funny and cheeky was lovely, I was disappointed that the rest of the movie was needlessly sombre with very little payoff. The fight scene in the forests of Norway was memorable and surprising.

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