Movies Watched, Jan. 2022

from Pedro Almodovar’s “Parallel Mothers” (2021)

Another year, another set of great movies to look forward to! One of my aspirations is to watch at least a movie a week this year, to keep my movie watching consistent. Then again, I am also fighting against a huge backlog of reading and gaming. Here goes!

(2022) Parallel Mothers

  • Favorite movie of the month. Almodovar keeps it steady with his latest entry. Couldn’t help but get choked up in the second half of the film. So many genres blended into one, so artfully, with heart. Great acting and explored ideas that I think about a lot (history, trauma, chosen families, generational amnesia.) Everything a film should be.

(2011) Detention

  • Nah. Cynical, shallow and empty. Even when it’s supposed to be ironic, a waste of everyone’s time.

(2022) Drive My Car

  • Great. Malcolm called out that the film is really a meditation on acting. Felt that the film doesn’t necessarily need all of its parts, especially towards the end. Serendipitously had watched Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy not so long ago, so definitely saw the overlapping ideas represented here.

(2021) Old

  • Ok, honestly the premise is not bad at all. There were some great camera / cinematography moments in the film that really felt surprising. Wtf is going on with that dialogue though, really ruined a lot of it for me.

(2020) Tiong Bahru Social Club

  • Sincere, colourful, pleasant to watch. Felt distinctively Singaporean in both its tone and premise. I wanted more of a critical lens to the narrative, instead of something that kind of “pokes fun.”

(2021) Tick, Tick, Boom

  • Didn’t know what to expect, but enjoyed this one. Maybe it’s because I am at a point in my life that feels existentially similar. This is definitely better than Rent.

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