Movies Watched, Feb. 2022

from Maya Cozier’s “She Paradise” (2020)

The weather has become increasingly unexpected, even for New York. The world continues to spiral in terrifying ways, with no clear sign that it would change directions at least in the short term. I keep thinking about the work that you need to do to keep bitterness and hopelessness at bay. I keep thinking about staying steady about being numb or oblivious. I should remember to pick up some allergy medication, starting to feel like Spring may come a bit early.

    (2021) It’s a Sin

    • Not exactly a movie, but finally finished this series, after waiting for a while to wrap it up. The last episode was weirdly surprising to me. Lovely.

    (1999) Drop Dead Gorgeous

    • Did not age that well, but still had a lot of moments that were funny. Much more weird than I remembered it from my last viewing during high school.

    (2020) She Paradise

    • Great, sharp take on female friendships with a strong aesthetic that grounds it in a unmistakeable place. As someone who doesn’t get exposed to Soca culture, this was an eye opening and fun watch.

    (1965) Written on the Wind

    • Amazing photography, great melodrama that just sweeps you away.

    (1996) Citizen Ruth

    • Funny and horrifying snapshot of the twisted way that American political discourse works. The last shot was amazing.

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