Movies Watched, March 2022

March flew by pretty quickly, more than I expect it would. This note is also way too late, between traveling and changing jobs, things felt pretty hectic.

(2021) Seperti Dendam, Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas

  • Very excited that I got to finally watch this beautifully crafted film. As someone who deeply loved Beauty is a Wound, the pairing of Edwin and Eka Kurniawan was perfect. Fantasy, history and genres blend in probably one of my favorite films this year so far. Felt like this was a historically important film for Indonesian cinema too, a strong punctuation in Indonesian contemporary films.

(2021) Spider Man, No Way Home

  • Fun, well crafted and grounded. Held its enormous scope of story in a way that is emotionally anchored. Benedict Cumberbatch is great. The action scenes felt like it held impact, unlike the zooming around of people on the later Avenger films.

(1970) Boys in the Band

  • Do things need to be remade for it to be rediscovered? Weirdly finally watching this just made me question the point of the Ryan Murphy remake, besides obviously, ego.

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