Movies Watched, May 2022

from Juzo Itami’s “Supermarket Woman” (1996)

I have been feeling much hazier this last month. Things don’t seem to be letting up. Another day, another mass shooting event in the United States. Kind of hard to get through day to day when your brain is in constant terror, but I guess that’s probably the American way.

(2015) Sweet Bean

  • A sincere, sweet film that has a surprising premise. I had never seen a Naomi Kawase film before so this first encounter definitely piqued my interest. Great performances by Kirin Kiki and Masatoshi Nagase. I’m always a sucker for small human dramas that tackles big societal issues done in an understated approach.

(1987) Witches of Eastwick

  • Dark and weird in all the best ways. The three leading ladies looked amazing through and through.

(1996) Supermarket Woman

  • Great film, more light hearted and weirdly straightforward compared to Tampopo or the Taxing Woman. A playful, wacky take on class, workers rights and monopolies. Can’t believe they fit a car chase scene into a movie about supermarkets.

(1996) Late Bloomers

  • Fun, appreciated seeing the director. Appreciate seeing films where a creative community comes together to make it happen.

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