Movies Watched, June 2022

from Andrew Ahn’s “Fire Island” (2022)

Noticing that somehow it’s gotten harder for me to hit my expected 10 films a month (minimum.) Been seeing friends and going outside, among other things. Somehow my evenings get filled up with chores and activities. Maybe this is more telling of my post-COVID brain too. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to watch at least one movie a week, which would bring me up closer to 4 – 5 a month, but feeling like I should be at least a bit more ambitious.

(2021) The Mitchells vs The Machines

  • Very sad that this flew under the radar in general. Great film with a unique animation style. The premise is fine, cute nevertheless but the sensibilities feel like something that is rare in a world that is dominated by Disney and Pixar.

(2021) Encanto

  • Appreciate the intimate premise. The songs are catchy but feel a little forgettable (maybe it’s just my brain?)

(2022) Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

  • Great fun and entertaining as expected. Didn’t know anything about it coming in and was thoroughly entertained. The last 10 minutes or so felt a little underwhelming, though appreciate that it wasn’t about big, choreographed battles that drag on. Sam Raimi’s touches felt truly at home in the film. Way more scary and violent than I thought?

(2022) Fire Island

  • Andrew Ahn is such a great director. Moments in the film are sublime, but generally wanted more of Bowen and the other characters. Wished it was less of a Joel Kim Booster vehicle. Conrad Ricamora is insanely hot.

(2022) The Bob’s Burgers Movie

  • It was strange seeing the series being animated so well, on the large screen. The story itself was pretty cute, mostly a longer Bob’s Burger episode with more grand musical numbers.


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