Movies Watched, Aug. 2022

August was kind of confusing, frazzled and sweaty. In a funny twist, the films that I watched ended up being much hornier than my day to day life at this moment. Excited that the weather is going to cool off soon, I hope.

Is everyone ok?

(2017) Hanagatami

  • Feverish, horny and vibrates with feelings. Keeps you engaged even when itโ€™s loose coherence at moments.

(2022) 3000 Years of Longing

  • A visually lush musing on stories and desire. This needed to be way more horny, though, considering the premise.

(1987) Dirty Dancing

  • Another movie I canโ€™t believe I never watched in completion. Some parts are kind of oop, but the dancing and the bodies were pretty hot.

(1997) Romy and Michelle High School Reunion

  • Fell asleep the last time I tried to watch this. Still pretty funny. Love all the cast members


  • Biting. Great dialogues. Loved that the scariest moments in the film are dialogue driven.

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