Author: Alex Thebez

  • Movies Watched, May 2022

    Movies Watched, May 2022

    I have been feeling much hazier this last month. Things donโ€™t seem to be letting up. Another day, another mass shooting event in the United States. Kind of hard to get through day to day when your brain is in constant terror, but I guess thatโ€™s probably the American way.

  • Movies Watched, April 2022

    Movies Watched, April 2022

    A little late to write this, but saw a few notable films that I really enjoyed and expanded a few trailing thoughts thatโ€™s been living in my brain this last month. The weather is generally getting nicer. Iโ€™m very surprised that for once in my fourteen years of living in New York, that we are finally in the middle of the longest Spring Iโ€™ve ever experienced here.

  • Movies Watched, March 2022

    Movies Watched, March 2022

    March flew by pretty quickly, more than I expect it would. This note is also way too late, between traveling and changing jobs, things felt pretty hectic.

  • WITI’s “Monday Media Diet”

    WITI’s “Monday Media Diet”

    Spoke to WITI to share some of my favs.

  • Keita Takahashi

    Keita Takahashi

    Art from his games and drawings.

  • Movies Watched, Feb. 2022

    Movies Watched, Feb. 2022

    The weather has become increasingly unexpected, even for New York. The world continues to spiral in terrifying ways, with no clear sign that it would change directions at least in the short term. I keep thinking about the work that you need to do to keep bitterness and hopelessness at bay. I keep thinking about staying steady about being numb or oblivious. I should remember to pick up some allergy medication, starting to feel like Spring may come a bit early.

  • Kazuma Kaneko

    Kazuma Kaneko

    Illustrations by Kazuma Kaneko for the Shin Megami Tensei series, including the Persona series.

  • “Miles Davis improvising on LCD Soundsystem”๏ฟผ

    “Miles Davis improvising on LCD Soundsystem”๏ฟผ

    I keep coming back to this lovely duet.

  • Movies Watched, Jan. 2022

    Movies Watched, Jan. 2022

    Another year, another set of great movies to look forward to! One of my aspirations is to watch at least a movie a week this year, to keep my movie watching consistent. Then again, I am also fighting against a huge backlog of reading and gaming. Here goes!

  • Work: Interview on Nope Fun

    Work: Interview on Nope Fun

    Lee Chang Ming interviewed me on Nope Fun to wrap up his long running artist interviews project! Thank you so much Chang Ming!