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  • Movies Watched, May 2021

    Movies Watched, May 2021

    Lots of funny movies for this month that flew right by. The movie theaters are open, and honestly very excited to get back into a habit of seeing films in a completely different environment. Summer is here and usually I would start lining up the horror flicks. Surprisingly, even for myself, I haven’t necessarily been in the mood for anything even remotely creepy.

  • Movies Watched, Apr. 2021

    Movies Watched, Apr. 2021

    Lately I’ve been in the mood for comedies. With everything going on, who wouldn’t!

  • Movies Watched, Mar. 2021

    Movies Watched, Mar. 2021

    Ok, my mood was definitely pretty low throughout March. Was mostly unable to really watch movies, or hold my attention to play video games even.

  • Movies Watched, Feb. 2021

    Movies Watched, Feb. 2021

    Didn’t watch as many, but a few underappreciated discoveries that really will stick with me for a while.

  • Movies Watched, Jan. 2021

    Movies Watched, Jan. 2021

    Getting back into it.

  • “The Man That Got Away” by Judy Garland

    “The Man That Got Away” by Judy Garland

    Hard to believe that it took me this long to watch this version of the film.

  • #Watching: “Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi”

    Only have seen a few episodes, but very good so far. Feels very timely. It reaffirms a lot of the things that I’ve been feeling and thinking about, but in a cautiously optimistic tone. Looking forward to watch the rest of this show the rest of this month.

  • #Scraps: “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from Funny Girl

    Can’t believe that I hadn’t seen this movie until last night. Still can’t get over how deliriously gleeful this whole sequence was.

  • Scraps: Movies Watched, Mar. 2020

    Getting to a place where I am ready to watch films in a steady pace again. Won’t lie, the release of Animal Crossing definitely stole some of my time away, but finally in a mental space where I am ready to watch some more demanding films again, despite the anxiety ridden circumstances that we live […]

  • Scraps: Movies Watched, Feb. 2020

    Didn’t watch as many films as I wished. Somehow the month went right by. Watched Terminator and The Kitchen on the plane, on my way back from San Francisco. Need to get to that point where I watch a film every week again (whether on Netflix or at home.) The Lodge Eh. Kids are mean. […]