“Young Together, Together Young” at Objectifs, Singapore (2011)

YOUNG TOGETHER, TOGETHER YOUNG explores the idea of youth and how it is represented through the medium of photography. “That One Time When We Were Young” features five young emerging photographers, working in Singapore and New York. The imagery of youth and the romanticism that surrounds it has been a theme that is often explored through many different mediums of art. The exhibition will attempt to present a survey of five very unique perspectives that portray varying experiences of young people both in Singapore and New York.

Alvelyn Alko and Chuck Reyes are both Singaporean based photographers. Having worked mostly in a commercial context, their personal work reflects the idealism often associated with commercial work. Energetic and arresting, Alvelyn presents a series that portray sincere playfulness in her vibrant portraits. On the other hand, Chuck reacts with a set of personal snapshots in gritty black and white. Another Singapore based visual artist, Nelson Lim focuses on a more invisible group of people. Nelson’s body of work focuses on younger people who are members of the labor workforce in Singapore. Bright and vivid in colors, Nelson’s portraits present an optimistic outlook on a truth that is not always obvious. In the spirit of youth, Michael Fivis uses animated gifs and looping movies to suspend moments in his life. As if he is stalling the decisive moment, Fivis expands the ability of a single photograph by combining more than one still photographic image to create moving tableaus. Constantly moving between New York and his homes in Southeast Asia (Singapore and Indonesia), Alexander Thebez combines quiet personal snapshots from his everyday life with portraits of other Indonesians who are living abroad. The moments portrayed in Alex’s images are haunted by an overwhelming silence, at the same time the surroundings are obscured from any exact geographic indicator. The photographs displayed in YOUNG TOGETHER, TOGETHER YOUNG question the validity of the romanticism associated with the lives of young people. Together, the contrasting point of views will ultimately display the universal optimism that lies in the imagery of youth around us.

June 30 – July 5, 2011

Objectifs Gallery
56A Arab Street


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