Project Type: Books & Publications

  • “Feelings & Similar Items Vol. II” (2014)

    “Feelings & Similar Items Vol. II” (2014)

    Feelings and Similar Items is a compilation of pictures from the everyday. Initiated by Alex Thebez, the series is a way to create coherent narratives from seemingly disparate images made through a compulsive desire to photograph.Β For the second volume of Feelings & Similar Items, Alex paired up with long time collaborator (and fellow GIFRIENDS member) Marisa Gertz. Feelings Vol. II collects photographs taken from 2011 until 2014, spanning various cities across the map.

  • “When We Are Together” (2013)

    “When We Are Together” (2013)

    ngapore and my recent partner in New York City. The images in the series attempt to juxtapose a sense of disconnect and intimacy. Having lived alone since I was 14 years old, I spent the majority of my teen and adult life on my own. I had been in a relationship with Jesse not long after I moved to New York City in 2009. Coming from a rather conservative Christian Indonesian-Chinese family, homosexuality is not the desired preference. Awkward and uncomfortable, the images from the two facets of my life grapple together to create an intimate narrative. This project is a means to reconcile my detachment from my family with an intimate detail of my personal life that they have yet to discover.

  • “Feelings & Similar Items Vol. I” (2012)

    “Feelings & Similar Items Vol. I” (2012)

    “Feelings & Similar Items Vol. I“Edition of 250Full colour32 Pages24 Colour PhotographsPrinted in New York.8.5β€³ x 5β€³Staple bound.