• Scraps: “My Beautiful Laundrette”

    Director: Stephen Frears Didn’t expect the film to have the tone that it does. In an interview with Criterion, the screenwriter (Hanif Kureishi) refers to Frears’ style to be ‘operatic.’ Mirrors used as a way to reveal and hide at the same time. Tana showing Omar her breasts during the scene where all the men […]

  • Scraps: โ€œParis 05:59:Thรฉo & Hugoโ€

    Directors: Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau Cinematographer: Manuel Marmier Dreamy, surreal dialogue. Surprising structure and story, especially for a gay film. Beautiful and anxious in all the right ways. Makes me miss Singapore in the late night hours. Realized that I havenโ€™t really seen that many movies about iconic cities being empty, during the odd […]

  • Scraps: “Prick Your Ears Up” by Stephen Frears

    Watched this at Metrograph in New York.