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  • Movies Watched, Aug. 2022

    Movies Watched, Aug. 2022

    August was kind of confusing, frazzled and sweaty. In a funny twist, the films that I watched ended up being much hornier than my day to day life at this moment. Excited that the weather is going to cool off soon, I hope. Is everyone ok?

  • Movies Watched, Jul. 2022

    Movies Watched, Jul. 2022

    It’s weird that I don’t remember watching movies on the airplane on my trip to the UK. This was a blurry month, unfortunately.

  • Movies Watched, June 2022

    Movies Watched, June 2022

    Noticing that somehow it’s gotten harder for me to hit my expected 10 films a month (minimum.) Been seeing friends and going outside, among other things. Somehow my evenings get filled up with chores and activities. Maybe this is more telling of my post-COVID brain too. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to watch at least one movie a week, which would bring me up closer to 4 – 5 a month, but feeling like I should be at least a bit more ambitiou

  • Movies watched, August 2021

    Movies watched, August 2021

    Late summers in New York always made me feel generally very bad. Very glad that this is going away (for now) soonish. Looking forward to a crispy Fall.

  • Movies watched, July 2021

    Movies watched, July 2021

    We’re entering the part of summer that I am not the biggest fan of. Usually I find an excuse to step outside of New York around this time of the year. I guess the world is on fire, so soon enough everything will be even hotter. Appreciated seeing so many of our friends in person in the last few weeks though.

  • Movies Watched, June 2021

    Movies Watched, June 2021

    The city is opening up, the mood is lifting. Personally very excited about the prospect of going to the cinema for films again. Hope it all holds up.

  • Movies Watched, Feb. 2021

    Movies Watched, Feb. 2021

    Didn’t watch as many, but a few underappreciated discoveries that really will stick with me for a while.

  • Scraps: Movies Watched, Mar. 2020

    Getting to a place where I am ready to watch films in a steady pace again. Won’t lie, the release of Animal Crossing definitely stole some of my time away, but finally in a mental space where I am ready to watch some more demanding films again, despite the anxiety ridden circumstances that we live […]

  • Scraps: Movies Watched, Feb. 2020

    Didn’t watch as many films as I wished. Somehow the month went right by. Watched Terminator and The Kitchen on the plane, on my way back from San Francisco. Need to get to that point where I watch a film every week again (whether on Netflix or at home.) The Lodge Eh. Kids are mean. […]

  • Scraps: Movies Watched, June 2019

    I am trying this format, inspired by Khoi Vinh’s “Movies Watched.” My previous attempts to keep track of films that I’ve watched was a little too time consuming, making it a habit that was easy to drop once I get too swamped. Rocketman (2019) An entertaining romp. Realized that I knew nothing about Elton John […]